The history

On 1962 a young Tarcisio Bernardi decided to make wine himself with his own wine grapes and to sell the wine,
using the experience of three family generations of vine growers.

Since the steep hills of Pedeguarda of Follina required a too hard work and at that time there were not
yet machines for agriculture and having fields sometimes miserly, Bernardi family decided during 1972
to move to Ogliano, Conegliano hills.Now the company has about 16 hectares, 13 of which are vineyard al
around the farm creating a suggestive weaving of vines on green hills exposed to the sun.

Time is going on, new generations have helped and placed side by side the old ones;
the traditional processing methods have been added and replaced by the modern technology,
which helps to improve the wine quality. What never changed is the love for the territory and
nature, as the genuineness of products.

Bernardi tries to communicate all this to the old and
new customers, who appreciate his wines and the family athmosphere.

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