The territory

Ogliano is a little town with 1000 people on the north hills of Conegliano. It is meant to be the ultimate bulwark,
which is the east boundary of the morainic amphiteather of Vittorio Veneto.

The pleasantness of this place was well-known also in the past centuries, thanks also to presence of 5 Ventian villas
and the summer residence of the bishop of Ceneda (now Vittorio Veneto).

The parish church is of 1700 and has art works of De Min, Novelli, and Arnosti. Moreover, there is inside a valuable eightheenth-century
organ from Venetian school, that has been lately restored.
On the sourranding countryside there are nice oratorio and a little artificial lake, where lots of generations
from Conegliano came for trips.

The hills views are a scenary to be discovered with a waving of vines, which show the seasons.
While the harvest all around becomes feast, which accompanies the beginning of autumn, the change from
green to the autumn colours. The prosecco reachness of our hills, sums up the elegance taste and the richnesss of
the earth and the environment. Ogliano is 4 km far from conegliano and 8 km far from Vittorio Veneto, both art
cities that offers severals cultural, artistical points. Conegliano is a wine-town with a famous wine school the
most ancient of Italy with enological university address.

Nearby it’s possible to visit the PIEve in Castello Roganzuolo, the church in San Fior with wonderful
picture of the painter from Conegliano G. Battista Cima, the greenwood in Cansiglio and Caglieron Grotto
in Fregona, town famous for the wine torchiato passito.

On the Sud west we find the San Salvatore castle in Susegana, Pieve of San Pietro di Feletto, Molinetto
della Croda in Refrontolo, Castelbrando in Cison di Val Marino.

Absolutely must drive the Prosecco Road from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, through the charming
hills full of vines which will soon become Unesco patrimony.

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